About the house and the "Hoogholtje"

We, Bert and Jacqueline Helmholt are the new owners of the B&B Hoogholtje.



This small bridge (on old maps called Menkeweersterholtje) is the only entrance way to the house. It used to be part of the pathway connecting churches in Onderwierum and Menkeweer. Both the house and the bridge are now registered monuments.

The house consists of three parts each with its own pitched roof.

The rear one used to be the old barn or - as tradition tells - a pub, a bridgeman's house or brickyard or... The correct use of this part remains unknown as yet. This and the middle house is where we live. In the first and oldest part (between 1810-1850) we have located our Bed & Breakfast.

Old mantel pieces and former box beds characterize the house that has been renovated and modernized too.

The surrounding garden boasts old fruit trees and a large chestnut tree.


The trees acting as windbreak are home to many bird species.

The spotted woodpecker and the small kingfisher are frequent guests and now and then a buzzard or a hawk perches on the grass. Besides that our chicken roam freely outdoors and now and then you can spot a hedgehog pottering around looking for food in the dusk. Pheasants and hares also show up occasionally.


The aerial photographs are of Martijn Heemstra